Poo at the Zoo

Original Bag Of Poo Oregon Zoo

Poo at the Oregon Zoo

After creating our “Mythical” bags of Poo, Original, Unicorn, Sasquatch, Dinosaur and Mermaid in 2018, now sold in over seventy stores across the country…and in all 50 states on Amazon~ This past January 2019, we premiered our “Zoo” line…Elephant (pink cotton candy), Giraffe (orange cotton candy), Gorilla (banana flavored yellow cotton candy), Lion (lemon flavored yellow cotton candy), and Penguin(white cake cotton candy)!

We were lucky enough to get into the Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon.   And wow! It was a super success! Selling out of the Afri-Cafe and a coffee shop, we were quickly being sold from all the food kiosks on the grounds… You can also find us in the Little Rock Zoo, in Little Rock Arkansas, the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI, the Blank Park Zoo in Lansing, MI, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio, and Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, IL!

This past winter we welcomed five more characters, our “Aquarium” bags of Poo~  Dolphin, Orca, Otter, Narwhal and Seal~ The Otter is a fan favorite! With Orca and Narwhal right behind it!  We are hoping to get into many aquariums around the country~

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