VARIETY POO – 5 pack – Cotton Candy Multi Pack


Multi pack of cotton candy including 5 different characters. Original Bag of Poo, Dinosaur Poo, Mermaid Poo, Sasquatch Poo and Unicorn Poo. Each bag has a different flavor plus a free sticker inside. All are double sealed to create the freshest and fluffiest cotton candy experience you’ve ever had. Yum, get some!

Enjoy all the fresh flavors in this cotton candy multi pack. The Original and Sasquatch Poo (black cherry), Dinosaur Poo (green apple), Unicorn Poo (grape) and Mermaid Poo (blue cotton candy). Feel the sweet melting sensation as they disappear into the forest, get lost in time and slip into the seas of the mystical ages.

Experience all the flavors of The Original Bag of Poo. 5 bags of 1oz cotton candy with a free sticker inside bag, all double sealed for maximum freshness and fluffiness. Share it with family and friends and for that special someone talking poo! Who can resist a smile while eating cotton candy poo?

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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