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Thinking About Becoming A Retailer?

  1. We are currently looking for additional retailers to carry our products in brick and mortar stores around the US.
  2. We are NOT looking for any Amazon Resellers or E-Commerce retail sellers (unless in our Affiliate Program). Product is sold exclusively on Amazon by us.
  3. We offer our products at a generous gross margin (50-67%). The product turns every 30-60, days when priced accordingly (MSRP).
  4. We offer discounted FedEx shipping rates on multiple sized shipments. We ship in a 36, 48, 72, 108 or 120 count boxes.
  5. We offer net 30 day terms, when paid by check (must have CC or ACH info on file as backup).
  6. We accept credit cards with a 3% service charge fee or no fee with eCheck (ACH).
  7. We now offer 28 different items, so that you can focus on the ones that sell best in your trade area.
  8. We offer a Standard 4 tier wire spinner rack (6 pegs per tier holds 5 bags per peg with 120 units maximum capacity) for $50.
  9. We offer a Premium 5 tier wire spinner rack (6 pegs per tier holds 4 bags per peg with 120 units maximum capacity) for $100.

For pricing and more information please fill out our contact form and we will reply to you by email or phone.

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Retailer Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions that we get about The Original Bag of Poo, and the process of becoming a retailer.  If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask through our convenient contact page.

Is your store located in a high traffic area (high sales volume) or a low traffic area (low sales volume)? Most small stores will try the 36 pack (6 kinds), and the busier stores will try the 72 pack (12 kinds).  Very high traffic tourist locations will try the 120 bag (28 kinds) variety pack with a rack. Mix and Match all kinds.

Small stores should try the Mythical bags first to see how they move. Larger stores should order the Mythical bags and add more of the characters that best fit their area of the country where the store is located.  Basically, augment your orders with the maximum variety to create additional sales. A standard display rack with hold 24 kinds/120 bags. A premium rack will hold all 28 kinds/120 bags.

Our fastest sellers are the Original Poo, Sasquatch Poo and the Unicorn Poo. Be sure to include Alien, Dinosaur and Mermaid in that group too. Then refill with the characters in your area and maintain the appearance of carrying all kinds, but go heavy on the real winners. Customers do like seeing all the different kinds of Poo you sell.

Everyone is given wholesale access to the website. The best way to order is to use the online ordering page. However, if you get too busy, you can always email an order directly or even give a phone call for repeat orders.

Parents and Grandparents love giving it to their kids and grandkids as a gag gift. Kids love the FREE sticker inside too; so, have FUN and watch the sales floor for all the chuckles and giggles.

Please let us know if you are interested!