Section No. 1

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This is our outlet for FUN,  Poo Puns and general silliness regarding “The Original Bag of Poo”.  The goal is to give you brief nuggets of history on how this crap started and tied in with where can I buy these pile of poo products in a city close to me.  This blog is being written by the Poo Guy, me, the Founder and Creator of this crazy idea with the primary mission of getting people of all ages, all races, all political parties to take time out and enjoy some poo humor.  Bring on all your fart jokes and the like and I can post those as well. We might get a little dirty having fun, but as long as we can respect each others poo, what sticks to the wall should be hilarious


The origination of poo begins with a close friend and a journey into the world of candy.  What can you do to create something funny that everyone knows and likes? We have all see the ubiquitous pile of poo and we all have tried cotton candy.  But have you ever seen brown cotton candy? No one ever has! Eureka! A new idea was born. Hmm. Now what do you do next?


Section No. 2

With looks to kill competition

Bouncing around seems like the FUN thing to do with poo.  From the history of poo and poo humor to now finding it on the shelves for a gag, getting kids to laugh uncontrollably is the funnest thing for me to watch and enjoy that energy of love that goes with pure happiness.

Everyone likes to give a little poo to someone. Hopefully, not the mean and messy type, but the in your face funny kind. Now where can I find this stuff?  Online of course, but when you are in Cannon Beach, Oregon stop by Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. They were the very first store to carry it. Thanks a big heap!