The Original Bag of Poo

Original Bag of Poo – Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud of our product and want you to be as well.  Below is a list of common questions that we get about The Original Bag of Poo.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask through our convenient contact page.

This was done by choice as to keep the amount of sugar given to a child at one time so that it was not excessive.  The package contains only 106 calories.

Yes. Original Bag of Poo only use FDA approved ingredients for our products.

Two reasons. First, to preserve extra freshness for the product. Second, to allow use the provide a free sticker and contest card (marketing options) with contaminating the product.

Original Bag of Poo is sold a food item and tax is not required in our state on food.

We invest in the highest quality cotton candy sugar that is personally formulated for our products. We also create a high quality, foil lined resealable bag that includes a custom, fade resistant, weather proof vinyl sticker.

Retailer Questions

We are always looking for new retailers and wholesalers. Below is a list of common questions that we get about The Original Bag of Poo and the process of becoming a retailer.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask through our convenient contact page.

1. How many bags of Poo should I order for my first order?”]Depends.  Is your store in a high traffic area (high sales volume) or a low traffic area (low sales volume)? Most small stores will try the 36 pack and the busier stores will try the 72 pack.  The Zoos and Aquariums will try the 144 pack. Your FIRST case does ship FREE.

Depends. Small stores should try the Original Five first to see how they move. Larger stores should order the Original Five and five more of the characters that best fit the area of the country they are located.  Variety does sell best and it does create a large display when you try all fifteen kinds.

We suggest that you start at the $5.99 price point.  We want our stores to DOUBLE their MONEY. At that price you will move the products? Some of our locations do sell at $6.49 (city), $6.99 (coast) and as high as $7.99 (Pier 39 SF).  The secret is to move the product quickly for a 30 to 60 day turn rather than have it linger on your shelf. Ask yourself, can I sell 100 bags at $5.99 in 30 days or 75 bags at $6.99 in 30 days? It is still $300 gross profit to you either way. Give more customers a deal and build up the movement in your trade area.

Depends. Our fastest sellers are the Original bag of  Poo, Unicorn Poo and the Sasquatch Poo in that order. Start with a Variety Pack skewed in that direction. Then refill as needed to maintain the appearance of carrying all kinds but go heavy on the real winners. Customers do like seeing all the different kinds of Poo you sell.

Depends. Grandpa and Grandma are number one.  They love giving it to the grandkids (age 6-10) for a gag gift. Mom and Dad are number two. They love to give it for the same reasons. They also love the FREE sticker inside for the kids. Remember Cracker Jacks and the FREE prize inside? So, have FUN and watch the sales floor for all the chuckles and giggles.

We date code the product one year from the date of manufacturing.The product will still shrink in size over time.The product must NOT be placed in direct sunlight and must be stored in a cool dry place.Proper handling is required. This will ensure the maximum life of the product.

The product is shipped directly from our location to your store.All product is shipped via FedEx with a special discounted rate for our retailers. There are no wholesalers at this point in time.