Bruce’s Candy Kitchen

Original Bag Of Poo Bruces Candy Kitchen

Our featured Retailer – Sharing the love!

Our very first store was Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, on the Oregon coast in Cannon Beach.  We only had our Original Poo Guy that summer of 2017, they now carry all fifteen of our characters.  Since we had our six year old grand-daughter with us that day, and she had fallen asleep, we decided to leave the car running, and Barry would run in to see if the owner was there…literally just minutes later, he was opening the back of the truck, grabbing a 64 count box for Sue Truax!  We were pretty excited! Bruce’s Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach is famous for their salt water taffy made on site, their delicious ice cream and the novelty gift shop that sells everything Unicorn, Bigfoot and more!

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