Bubba’s Sweet Spot – A must stop Candy Shop

Bubba's Sweet Spot Logo

Are you on vacation or living on the Pan Handle of Florida’s Gulf Coast? Then you need to visit Bubba’s Sweet Spot down in Pensacola, Florida. First of all, they are a family friendly shop featuring the best in classic candies from yesteryear. Another reason is the great selection of delightful new homemade treats.Plus, they serve ice cream with local ingredients created by local farmers.

Bubba’s Sweet Spot’s Owner is the great golfer Bubba Watson who wanted to venture beyond golf and also create something in his hometown. Being a kid at heart, he’s partial to sweets so he thought that Pensacola should have a sweets shop. As he has seen at so many other great tourist spots on his golf tournaments. So he envisioned and created Bubba’s Sweet Spot (Homemade Candy & Ice Cream) in the heart of Pensacola where he grew up.

Bubba’s Sweet Spot is filled with the classics, from a massive selection of salt water taffy to Bubba Golf-ball mints. Better yet, they carry the Original Bag of Poo which is great for us and I know their customers will love it! They feature The Original Bag of Poo, Sasquatch Poo, Narwhal Poo, Mermaid Poo and Unicorn Poo. Find the character’s you’d like to take home, in our ‘gold standard’ foil bag with zip lock top. Find the free vinyl sticker inside, along with the delicious light and fluffy cotton candy.

It’s so good we gotta say …. mmm “yum get some”  or better yet, “give a poo” to that special someone with a unique gift that only you can give!

And Hey, above all you might get the chance to meet Bubba there if he’s not on tour! and finally, the most notable thing we’d like to say is “thanks Bubba” for carrying our products!

Bubbas Sweet Spot Jelly Poo And Sasquatch Poo